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-Increases the flow of nutrient-rich blood to the muscle tissue which allows the flushing out of cellular waste and excessive fluid, promoting healing.


-Relieves muscle tension and pain, allowing muscles to function properly andat full capacity, thus aiding in the prevention of injury and/or strain.


-Decreases inflammation in the joints and releases endorphins, or hormones, both of which alleviate pain.


-Lengthens connective tissue, thereby increasing the horseʼs range of motion. This allows for longer strides, easier gait and lead changes; better jumping, turning and maneuvering, and increased speed and endurance.


-Improves the general demeanor and disposition of the horse.


-Sale horses should be massaged regularly to show them at their best to potential buyers.


-Enhances muscle tone. It helps prevent and reduce atrophy (muscle loss).


-Early detection of abnormalities.


-Trust building.




Benefits of Aah Light Red Light Laser Therapy:

-Reduces pain and swelling


-Increases lymphatic activity


-Strengthens the immune system


-Accelerates cell regeneration


-Increases circulation


-Relaxes muscles


-Increases anti-viral properties


-Encourages collagen production


-Regulates serotonin levels

Abby's OTTB, Moose snoozing after a massage.

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